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Folkungaland is a non-profit organization located at the heart of Östergötland, Sweden. We are part of a family of 48 Leader areas in Sweden and about 2 000 similar groups in Europe. We are passionate about rural development and are committed to creating opportunities where people can live the good life in the Swedish countryside and making it accessible to all. We do this by providing funding for feasible projects that tackle at least one of five key issues:

  1. Strengthening the spirit of entrepreneurship to stimulate job creation
  2. Improving the quality of life and increasing the attractiveness of rural areas
  3. Enhancing awareness and responsibility for environment conservation and protection
  4. Improving physical and digital communications
  5. Promoting diversity

We give particular priority to projects working with gender equity, the youth, strengthening cooperations, sustainable development and diversity.  These priorities are established with input from the rural developers, policymakers as well as individuals, local rural businesses and community organizations. They also form the basis of Folkungalands Local Development Strategy (LDS) for 2014-2020.

Folkungaland is jointly funded by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the municipal governments and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. We operate in the following areas: Finspång, Linköping, Mjölby, Motala, Vadstena, Åtvidaberg and the western part of Norrköping. The planning, decision making and implementation of the LDS is done at a local level and carried out by a Local Action Group (LAG) which is made up of private, public and community sector representatives. It is a unique partnership bringing together a wide range of  experience and knowledge of local rural issues.

If you are interested in developing a cooperation project or wish to inquire on a specific project idea, you are very welcome to contact our Strategic Manager:

Jeanette Uner
Mobile +46 70 460 3506

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